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A choice-based Adult Visual Novel called"Where the Heart is".

Game is currently in  early development,.  All/Any feedback is welcome!

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. You are returning to your childhood home to visit your deceased mother's best friend Monica and Monica's two daughter's whom you grew up with. You haven't seen them in several years (for reasons explained in the game). In addition to these three ladies, there'll be plenty of other characters in play (friends, foes, neighbors, stalkers and the "Coffee-Shop Girl").

Where the Heart is" is a first-person POV adult adventure where you control the Male Main Character. There will lots of female characters (primary characters and supporting characters) to seduce / romance / reject / be rejected by (Remember: You can always reload)
There will be some minor / major plot storylines with a primary focus on conversation based choices & action based choices. 
Some characters will be easier/harder to "crack" and some relationships will be a slow-burn romance (or corruption) while others will be a quick passionate affair (or rejection). 
It's up to you to get the required results by figuring out what characters like or don't like and making the right choices to get there.   "Where the Heart is" is being developed using the Renpy gaming engine with Full-HD (1920 x 1080) rendered graphics.

Published Mar 14, 2018
StatusIn development
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
Tags3D, Dating Sim, Erotic, family, mom, renpy, roleplay, Romance
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
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Just a reminder that I won't really be updating this page with new episodes anymore.  All updates will be through my Patreon page,


so check in there for further updates....

This is proably the best game like this, the story is interesting and the art is amazing, cant wait for the next update.

New Update is available.  Please check out my Patreon page for more details:


one of the best games i have played. End of episode 4 need a update please! 

Thanks for the feedback.  Glad you liked it. I publish a new update every 4 weeks.  You can find more details (update schedule, dev reports, etc.) on my Patreon page:  https://www.patreon.com/CheekyGimp

You don't need to have a Patreon account to view my page.

Next update coming out tomorrow!


It's good, nice job.

Thanks a lot.  Next update will be on the 18th May!

Latest release is complete.


I like it, fun and intriguing

Folks - If you download/play it - Please let me know any feedback (positive or negative) and please rate it.  Thanks